hi.codes studio transforms everyday problems into solutions of tomorrow.

We are a studio of makers, prototyping enthusiasts, disruption seekers and design thinkers that develops and shapes ideas and products of the future.

We dive into research & development and exploit creative possibilities emerging from the mix of the technology, design, coding, manufacturing and other related fields. User experience and interaction design are at the heart of everything we do, while code translates the technology to useful products.

Long story short, we aim to push digital solutions to physical world and the other way around, be that for fun, art or business growth.

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Our projects


Every winter Warsaw is caught in smog for several days with pollution levels exceeding 800% of the adopted standard. State pollution data is insufficient – it calculates the average from a few air-monitoring stations and does not refer to specific locations and areas. That is why we decided to build a network of low-cost IoT air quality sensors for public and open-source use. It will the first IoT implementation to public sector in Poland’s capital to our knowledge.

Check medium.com/@hi.codes for more information on this project.


The best way to build awareness and educate about electronics is to point out how accessible it is for everyone. That is why together with Deloitte Digital we delivered series of online tutorials. Each episode lasts 60 seconds and covers 4 parts: essentials elements, electronic circuit presentation, instructions, and working prototype. They are accompanied by comprehensive step-by-step instructions and Github libraries for everyone to be able recreate the projects.

You can watch the whole series on Vimeo


Playful learning is the core of everything we do. That’s why we are cooperating with NGOs and private entities and conduct workshops where kids can develop their skills for the future. Each session encourages learning dispositions, curiosity, exploration, creativity and collaboration. hi.kids workshops are hands-on and experimental, as we put 3D printing, handmade crafting, physical computing and computer programming to the mix.

Are you an educator? Do you want us to run workshop for your proteges?
Let us know at hi@hi.codes


Collaboration is the catalyst of innovation. Networking helps ideas move forward and offers comprehensive outlook on everyday problems and future solutions, which may not be visible from single man perspective. That is why we are organizing monthly hi.drinks sessions where we are bringing together organizations, startups, friends and individuals and sharing experiences, discuss trends and our current projects and inspirations.


One way to predict the future is to make it visible. That’s why, twice a year, we bring together disruptors of diverse specialties and run weeklong workshops where we are trying to understand how emerging technologies and trends can change or affect our future. Each session has a different topic. Together we are generating a list of ideas and issues that we deem important, interesting or valuable. With our design-driven approach we are able to recognize opportunities and blind spots. Then we develop each idea using knowledge, practices, talents, and expertise held within the interdisciplinary group. The final outcomes are prototypes to make each idea visible and substantial. Each session is documented and recorded and we share the outcomes with a wider audience.

Do you want to participate in the next session? Are you interested in previous outcomes?
Contact us at hi@hi.codes

Core team

Anka Kuprian

Digital Manager and Design Thinking moderator by experience, Maker by self-learning. At the studio she handles research, design and development process, workshops and all around communications. Illustrator by hobby with an all-seeing eye for design.

Joanna Skorupska

Product designer with a strong background in UX and Service Design. She brings the wildest ideas to life. She made her mission to accelerate the sustainability and innovation practices in the field of product design and development. Curiosity pushes her to the deconstruct or discover how things were made or what kind of mindset drives them.

Kuba Borkowski

He studies the problems, builds prototypes, writes software, connects hardware with sensors. For over 11 years he steered his career towards varied digital challenges, emerging technologies and businesses innovation. He has worn many hats: programmer, UX designer, business analyst, project manager, scrum master, digital product owner. He has an unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges.

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